Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether my abss product is being supported or not?

If you are not subscribed to an ABSS Business Support Premium Cover, or your version of ABSS product is three versions older (or more) than the current-version ABSS product, then your ABSS product will not be supported by ABSS under the terms of the policy that will be in effect from 1 January 2009.

A table detailing the current support status of all ABSS products (including discontinued ABSS products) is provided in the sunset policy section.

My abss product is not longer supported by Abss, what do i do if i need technical support?

If you are still using your ABSS product to run your business and anticipate requiring assistance in the future (for example during end of financial year), we recommend you subscribe to an ABSS Business Support Premium Cover, which will provide you with an automatic upgrade to the latest version of your ABSS product, access to phone-based technical support and much more.

You can of course subscribe to ABSS Business Support Premium Cover or simply upgrade to the latest-version ABSS product.

Alternatively, some ABSS Professional Partners may provide on-site support for earlier-version ABSS products. Check the current list of ABSS professional partners.

Note that, irrespective of product version, ABSS will continue to provide limited phone-based technical support if you require repairs to your ABSS product data file, require extra licences, require extra company file access or forget your password(s).

In addition, technical support notes for older-version ABSS products will continue to be accessible via the ABSS website.

are there any specials for me to upgrade to the most up-to-date version of my abss product?

Over the years ABSS has provided many hundreds of thousands of customers with a range of special upgrade and support subscription offers. The current pricing of the ABSS Business Support Premium Cover represents the best value of any of these offers, with an automatic upgrade to the latest version of your ABSS product included in the price.

Depending on your current product, you can also upgrade to a product with more functionality, such as multi-level pricing inventory.

To establish which latest-version product is right for your business, either browse the small business products page on the ABSS website or call ABSS customer service during business hours on (603) 6275 2718.

if i upgrade to the current version, how long will i have until you stop supporting that program?

The change in policy effective 1 January 2009 will ‘roll’ with new versions of ABSS product. In other words, as a new version is introduced, customers who are using a version of ABSS product that is four versions back will no longer be able to access support from ABSS.

ABSS will endeavor to contact all potentially-affected customers by email and/or fax. If you would like to receive such notifications, ABSS recommends that you keep your contact details up-to-date.

i'm going to stick with my current version of abss product - how do i get technical help now?

The extensive support documentation that was initially supplied with your ABSS product answers most questions that have been asked by customers over the years. Other material has been provided from time to time on the ABSS website, although this material has tended to cover only the most recent version of product.

Of course we understand that sometimes it can be easier to be talked through a problem, and many thousands of ABSS customers have benefited from the experience of an ABSS Professional Partner visiting them on-site and taking them through procedures step-by-step.

Check the current list of ABSS Professional Partner on the ABSS website for details of your nearest qualified consultant.

will i be supported for other services such as data file repair and password extraction?

ABSS will continue to provide limited technical support if you require repairs to your ABSS product data file (where your business data is stored), require extra licences, require extra company file access or forget your password(s).

i use more than one abss product - one for the accounting and bookkeeping and another specialised product which i link back to the accounting product. does this mean i have to keep upgrading both abss products every few years?

At the very least you should consider keeping the product which deals with the payroll up-to-date (through a subscription to ABSS Business Support Premium Cover) so that you’re always calculating your pay runs according to the latest tax tables.

As for the other ABSS product, if it provides a ‘mission critical’ role in your business, then you need to consider your future support needs and make a decision accordingly. It may be the case, for example, that you don’t need to be on the latest version every year, and that you choose to upgrade every second year (or even every third year).

However, you should always consider the implications of linking software that might not be completely compatible and pay close attention to the respective minimum system requirements and other technical specifications.

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